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happy to serve as leaders of Bethany's PrimeTimers.  Our goal is to enrich the lives of Bethany's seniors and friends with safe activities and events that provide fun and fellowship while encouraging each other to honor the Lord in all we do and say.  We are always open to your thoughts and encourage each participating senior to approach us with your ideas, concerns, and suggestions.  Our team plans activities, programs, and trips for you so please feel free to share with us what you would like us to consider in our planning.

We believe that the door to salvation is always open and so are the doors to our church and the PrimeTimers group. Our mission is to provide opportunities for fun, recreation, and fellowship for those 50 years and up. We are fully devoted to Jesus and open our arms to those in search of the truth.
       Sheryl MacPhee

Cell Phone: 586-246-3715


"After retiring in 2010, I felt the Lord leading me to rekindle Bethany's senior ministry.  My heart had always been in working with children, but I felt ready for a change. I feel so blessed to be working with Harold, Dave,  Terri,  Carol and Randy, planning activities and events that are fun,  educational,  and exciting for our PrimeTimers.  And who ever thought I'd be in the same senior group as my folks.  God is good!"

   Randy & Carol Hoover

Home Phone:586-264-9857 

"We love working with the other team members in researching & brainstorming ideas to make the best decisions for the PrimeTimers’ activities, events, & trips. As part of this team we enjoy being actively involved in this ministry for our seniors."

   Dave & Terri White

  David's Cell Phone: 586-536-7559
   Terri's Cell Phone: 586-506-7080

"For so long we have each worked in separate ministries and student support programs; Dave leading the boys ministry at Bethany for 35+ years and Terri working with Pioneer Girls and recently supporting student athletes at Clintondale for 20+ years. We were looking for a ministry we could work together in. The Lord lead us to the PrimeTimer Team.  We truly enjoy working with the other team members as we seek to plan events that will provide an atmosphere of fellowship for those in the "50+ Generation on the Move".


         Harold Warntz

Cell Phone: 586-246-5081



"I love a lot of things about being a PrimeTimers Team member.  I really like that we are helping to plan safe, enjoyable activities and trips that enrich our members social life and that our team gets along  with each other and works well together to organize your activities and trips. We are always open to your suggestions as we work together to make the PrimeTimers a successful Senior ministry of Bethany."

Harold  Warntz   Dave White   Randy Hoover
Sheryl MacPhee   Terri White   Carol Hoover 














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